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SistersSpeak Storyteller

SistersSpeak Storyteller - Interim Executive Director, VACP
Be aware when strangers come offering money, drugs or alcohol – this is how young people are lured away from family and put in danger. Young Aboriginal women and men are targets of violence whether it be abductions or murder or pulling them into prostitution or the sex trade. Be mindful every day of the dangers. It’s not necessarily a city issue, but they are more vulnerable in the city, especially in the Downtown East Side and in the East End - pretty well anywhere in Vancouver. Practice safety, be aware of the issues.
SistersSpeak Storyteller - Dancer, Choreographer, Actor
I am an indigenous women. I matter. If I just up and vanish one day, of course I know I matter to my family and friends, but what about the wider society? There is human trafficking in these ports in Vancouver. I witnessed it myself at the PNE, with older girls trying to befriend younger girls to lure them away. They pick on younger people because they know they are trying to find themselves.
Nathaniel Arcand
SistersSpeak Storyteller - Actor
There are people out there that care for you, and what you do in your life. We need you to carry on the good ways. It’s important for men and boys to step up and be protectors for those girls out there who are targeted. This is close to home for me. I’ve know personally some people who have gone missing, and have been murdered. This issue affects all of us, as men, as people and as a community. My message to young men is to be strong young warriers, to stand up for our women and our elders, and to do the right thing in life. You are the future. 
SistersSpeak Storyteller - High school student
Talk with people that you trust. Because some kids, they feel like they don't have anybody, that no one's there for them. I felt like that for the longest time until I started opening my eyes and realizing that there were people there, you just need to get out and talk. And talking can get you through so much.
Lorelei Williams
SistersSpeak Storyteller - Coordinator of Healing and Support Programs, VACPC & Founder of Butterfles in Spirit
I know it’s hard to grow up as young First Nations girl and women. Know that you are worth something. Be strong. You are beautiful and loved. We will overcome this. My message to young men is know that you can’t control anybody, especially women, and especially by using violence. Women are life-givers. A women brought every man into this world. Respect women.