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Caprice Lecoy, Qey Qey Xa Emot (When the morning sun rays shine through the clouds)

Caprice Lecoy, Qey Qey Xa Emot (When the morning sun rays shine through the clouds)
High school student

Talk with people that you trust. Because some kids, they feel like they don't have anybody, that no one's there for them. I felt like that for the longest time until I started opening my eyes and realizing that there were people there, you just need to get out and talk. And talking can get you through so much.

I had the worst beginning of high school that anyone can ever imagine. I started lying to my mom, saying that I wanted to go to the movies but really I was just going out with my friends, drinking because they said that I should, and that it's really cool. But it got to a point where I was drinking too much and I was really young. At one point, I got into hard bar and it wasn't good. I almost died. Well actually, I did die. I died for about 9 hours because I was found in the back of Brittania High School. No heart beat, no body temperature.

I got help from my traditional ways. They take you out for spiritual baths every morning at 5 o'clock in the morning. You sing and you dance, and we have potlatches and dinners. It helped me cleanse myself. It helped me my build my spirit and my body.

Namings are the best because that represents who you are and, it's just an honour to get a name sometimes because, not all kids around BC can get that. My name is Qey Qey Xa Emot and it means when the morning sun's rays shine through the clouds. I was given this name in 2010 by my step-dad.